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From Rick in Simla:
"Integrity/experience... I recieved my ballot yesterday. I did not vote my affiliation this election. I sincerely hope the County sees things my way. Nothing beats Federal Law Enforcement. You have leaps and bounds of what a great Sheriff should possess. Don, you got my vote. Good luck my brother. Got my fingers and toes crossed for you.... HOOAH!!!!!"

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Don Charobee - BIO

Don Charobee the son of a coal miner (turned machinist) and a registered nurse, was raised in Ohio and first arrived in Colorado in 1987, becoming a resident of Elbert County in 2007.

During his 35 years as a federal law enforcement officer, Don’s duties covered a wide array of critical and specialized positions including:

-Customs Inspector guarding borders at Ports of Detroit and Cleveland

-Special Agent of the US Customs Service in Cleveland focusing on acts of smuggling, technology transfers to hostile powers and white collar crimes

-Senior Special Agent in Denver managing the investigation of white collar crime, money laundering, and importation of substandard materials used in military weapons

-Supervisory Special Agent in Atlanta managing financial and fraud investigations

-Resident Agent in Charge, Hartsfield Airport in Atlanta, supervising state, local and federal law enforcement officers; budgetary oversight, fleet/asset management, investigation of narcotic controlled deliveries, and asset seizures

-Transferred to US Department of Homeland Security at the time of its formation with all other Customs Service assets

-Transferred to Headquarters positions in Washington, D. C., including Program Manager with the Special Operations Division, oversight responsibilities with DEA and foreign law enforcement personnel.

-Acting Division Director over Investigative Support at headquarters

-Field Office Oversight for DHS Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) - liaison to the Inspector General investigating internal crimes and official misconduct

-Resident Agent in Charge OPR in Denver - to establish an office for internal investigations over 6 states. Duties included personnel and office development, assets, and vehicles for all law enforcement officers and support personnel in the area.

All of the above transfers were the result of promotions Don Charobee earned throughout his career with the Customs Service and the Department of Homeland Security.

Upon retirement, Charobee earned the Anti-Money Laundering Certification and currently works for Promontory Risk Review where he conducts complex financial investigations and supervises teams of capable investigators and analysts.

Tim Norton - Bio

I was born and raised in Monaca, Pennsylvania, a small town North of Pittsburgh.

I have always wanted to be a police officer, even as a small child, cops & robbers was always the game of choice.

-Later I went to college and majored in Criminal Justice; while in college I worked as a dispatcher for a small police department.

-After graduating I worked as a police officer for three different police departments at the same time, since a full time officer position was unheard of back then.

-While visiting Phoenix, Arizona I noticed the department was hiring.

-October 1986 I began my career as a Phoenix Police Officer.

-Over 30 years of working for the Phoenix PD I had many different opportunities to work in a variety of areas including: Street Patrol, Teaching at the Academy, Training Recruits on the Street, Working in the K9 Unit.

-While in the K9 unit I was a handler, trainer and instructor for Phoenix as well as many other agencies across the states.

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"Finally, with Cherobee, a qualified candidate for Sheriff"
Extensive management and administrative experience
Oversight of people and assets
Successful financial investigations

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