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Supervision and Management are the key areas of experience that should be considered as what would make an effective Sheriff for Elbert County. I developed a reputation for leading my troops from the front, accompanying them on surveillance operations, execution of search warrants, controlled deliveries of contraband and processing of evidence, property and prisoners. The experience I gained from conducting these operations for more than two decades before entering supervisory ranks could be best taught to my fellow Special Agents through direct involvement.

My experience in supervising others encompasses positions as a Federal Law Enforcement Officer and in a dynamic corporate environment.

15 Years Supervision in Federal Law Enforcement:

Atlanta, Supervisory Special Agent, US Customs Service: I led several different teams of between 10 and 15 Special Agents investigating money laundering, financial crimes, smuggling of narcotics and replica merchandise. My teams were recognized for numerous quality seizures, arrests and forfeitures of assets.

Hartsfield Int’l Airport, Resident Agent in Charge:I was a second line supervisor in charge of two investigative groups and support personnel. These groups consisted of DEA and various Police and Sheriff Deputies that cooperated in our enforcement efforts. My office conducted numerous controlled deliveries of narcotics seized by Customs personnel at Hartsfield Airport as well as in cooperation with other Customs Airports offices and state and local law enforcement officers through out the eastern seaboard and Ports of Entry along the Rio Grande Valley. We were one of the top producing offices under the Special Agent in Charge, Atlanta.

Northern Virginia, Special Operations Division: Program Manager:I served as a liaison officer coordinating enforcement operations in the field between DEA and Homeland Security Investigations (HSI). This sensitive position was key in the many large-scale investigations involving law enforcement operations in the United States and internationally.

Washington D.C., Headquarters, Homeland Security Investigations: Supervisory Special Agent Joint Intake Center. I supervised an interagency team of as many as 12 intake specialists and investigators. We were responsible for taking reports regarding official misconduct and criminal complaints. These were then assigned to field offices in coordination with the DHS Inspector General and other federal law enforcement agencies as appropriate. 

Denver, Homeland Security Investigations, Office of Professional Responsibility: I was responsible for oversight of integrity investigations occurring in six states. These issues covered criminal and administrative investigations and support of personnel employed the Agency.

3 Years Supervision of Anti-Money Laundering Professionals:

Western Union, Senior Investigator, Denver: I was a joint supervisor of the Southwest Border Group where we conducted in-depth investigations of monetary transactions using the vast resources of the company. My team was responsible for the identification of numerous schemes involving potential terrorist transactions and identification of networks, human smuggling, narcotics trafficking, intellectual property sales and elderly abuse. We reported this information to law enforcement through the Financial Intelligence Network Center (FINCen). 

Promontory Risk Review, AML Manager, Denver: I supervised a team of investigators, a part of a multi-faceted team of anti-money laundering professionals, conducting in-depth reviews of financial transactions to identify potential illicit activity and report it to law enforcement through FINCen.

My management experience was gained through a variety of roles in federal law enforcement service and corporate employment. I have been responsible for:

Hiring of new employees through review of resumes, interview of candidates and interaction with human resources personnel to finalize the selections.

Custodian of Assets to Include:

  • Weapons and ammunition
  • Evidence and seized merchandise and funds
  • Vehicles
  • Sensitive electronic gear fur use in law enforcement operations
  • Office supplies and other sundries

Budgetary oversight of funds to be used for:

  • physical structures and office space
  • purchase and maintenance of vehicle
  • assignment of personnel and authorization of overtime and bonus payments
  • Oversight of special funds exceeding $500,000 for the High Intensity Drug Task Force
  • Oversight of confidential funds for undercover operations in excess of $1 million

I have been responsible for the establishment and design of new offices as the:

  • Resident Agent in Charge at Hartsfield International Airport for the US Customs Service, Office of Investigations
  • Resident Agent in Charge, Denver, for the US Department of Homeland Security, Investigations, Office of Professional Responsibility

I was selected as a Mentor, for Homeland Security Investigations, to other supervisory personnel to assist them in their professional development and provide guidance through various management issues they were confronted with in the course of their duties. I was formally engaged in this project for two years and have used the lessons learned to become an effective manager and supervisor in all roles as a Federal Law Enforcement Officer and a leader in my corporate employment.

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